Monday, January 28, 2013


I love to make fun of bloggers, even bloggers that I follow. Sometimes they take themselves too seriously, or try to hard (which is why I have trouble writing my own blog, because I don't want to come off this way)

Here are a few of my favorite embarrassing (according to my book) things they have done recently:

1. Back in october, 2 bloggers, who shall remain "nameless," both used the term hash tag in place of an actual hash tag, and we all know how I feel about hash tags. How many times can I say hash tag? Hash tag.


P.S. a third blogger did the exact same thing soon after, but I didn't get photo evidence of it (I know it's out there on the internetz somewhere!!

2. On the exact same day, almost within a few hours of each other, at least 10 blogs/websites that I follow joined the app called Vine and displayed it on instagram. I don't know about anyone else, but this makes me feel like the app is being shoved down my throat. If it's that cool it will catch on by itself. In fact, I deem this uncool because of how cool it wants to be. So not cool.
3. Today, 2 bloggers who I find highly annoying but I can't look away wore the same shirt and my heart exploded in joy.

                                                                    via                                                          via

The only difference is that one of them posted like 10 pictures of herself in it, and the other only posted this one picture that you could actually see the heart (the rest were awkward poses and her child)
P.S. I promise you these are 2 different people

If you need further indulgence of your love for making fun/complaining about bloggers see here (or google search your favorite blogger along with the abbreviation GOMI to find their forum)


  1. HAHAGAGAYAAAAAAA I love gomi. like LOVE it. let's talk. vine isn't as cool add ask the hype. like, it's neat but, meh. I just wanted to know what the crap it was. TTYL VINE. let's blogger bash sometime.

  2. Hahahahahaha hahahahhaha omg omg I hate Cara Loren too but can't look away!!!

  3. HAHAHA! I too dislike the 1st "nameless" blogger. She tries wayy to hard. Especially her candid pictures where she happens to be looking fabulous while smiling torwards the sky. Yeah, I'm sure.

  4. I feel the SAAAAAME way about cara loren!! her writing is absolutely terrible - I hate reading it hahah