Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Honeymoon Photos

Sometimes I wonder about people and their photos
Like when I'm stalking them
and I think, "Why do they have so many pictures?"

Then I remember that I too have pictures
Please remember that I make fun of people that do this, so I am also making fun of myself.
It's only fair.
I tried my hardest to cut these down to only the most important ones:

View from the lobby

View from balcony
have you ever seen such a beautiful night sky? we were amazed!

I only have these next two pictures to show you how weird we cross our legs. It's meant to be.

This next picture is proof that:
A. Bigfoot exists 
B.Bigfoot is a fraud 
You decide.
Us at the pcc
pretty sure my mom has a picture JUST like this one from her honeymoon in Hawaii:
I like this chair
Is it just me, or do I look like I'm related to Kate Middleton from behind?
I'll flatter myself for 2 seconds.
the sour face is from being sick, not trying to model, I promise
you have to have at least one of these pictures, or the whole trip doesn't count 
Finally, I give you: Hawaii