Sunday, October 21, 2012

For Brissa

Sometimes you say "teach me"
and I'm not sure what you mean

Teach you how to be a copycat from pinterest?

Well, here you go:

How to make a glitter animal head:
pretty paper
small paintbrush
an outline of an animal you want to glitterize  (deer are so hot right now)

  1. cut out said animal
  2. outline onto pretty paper
  3. use paintbrush to apply glue within animal outline
  4. cover with glitter!!!
  5. wait approximately 10 minutes (or until glue is dry)
  6. shake off excess glitter
  7. if needed, use a toothpick to remove glitter that is out of the lines
and wallah! you have your DIY glitter animal just in time for fall. 

 Mine version:

Sometimes I feel as if I'm wearing friend repellant

I decided to remove this post, because I don't want anyone to think that I am talking negatively about someone else on the Internets for all to see (which was not my intention, nor did I get a complaint about it, but I would never want it to get back to her in some way and for her to think it was meant to bash her, more to express that sometimes I feel socially inadequate)

But I still want to leave this [because I love gifs and just recently watched Easy A, and this is easily the best part of the movie]

ooh burn