Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Perseids

Sounds fancy, right?

Where we live, it can be difficult to see some of the brightest stars, so something like this is a treat. Even if it involves an hour or more of driving.

We made our way to the closest "mountain" range at around 10pm, parked the truck on the opposite side of the city, blew up our new truck bed mattress, and waited.

Every minute or so, we saw one. It happens so fast you almost miss it every time. But it is glorious. And fascinating. And beautiful.

This happens every August, and is worth every second.

We didn't catch any meteors on camera, but dean took some long exposures of the stars:

Sorry for the picture overload of basically the same thing, I just think these images are so cool! Especially the first two with something so recognizable ;)

P.S. it was really, really dark when these were taken, but it would have been awesome if we could get shots like this at dawn like it seems haha (That orange haze you see is from the city, not the sun!)

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