Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boy's Trip

I got suckered into a last minute trip to Utah with tales of boating on a lake and seeing people and places I love!

Once we got there, Dean informed me of several plans already made for me by the boys (we carpooled with 2 guy friends). This consisted of 1. shooting ALL day 2. only spending time with them (it was the driver's birthday weekend after all!! "30 is a big deal" they said)

So, although this trip did not turn out the way I thought it would (I apologize to 2 people in particular that I did not get to see but I really wanted to), it was still fun for the most part, and I refuse to go without a car next time. I really like to be in control.

Here are some highlights and photo evidence:
  • We got to stay with some really cool people, and their dog snacks is the cutest!
  • Dean on a scooter. Enough said.
  • 5K sucka
  • Kneaders & JDawgs (because all other good eats in utah have been franchised to southern  california)
  •  While taking the picture of dean below where he has some weird looking scraggly thing on him that's supposed to be used as camouflage, someone in cabellas said, "I can't see that guy over there, he only has legs and a face." Nerds. And that's exactly what Dean would say.

Sorry Tegyn if it appears as if I am copying you with the photo collage, its just the easiest way!
Mine is obviously more ghetto than yours.
I have included the notebook as a picture because I read this on the way home. Now I need to watch the movie again, and again, and again.


  1. i hope i'm one of those two people. i'm so sorry we missed you. but i'm glad you had fun!!! I WILL WATCH THE NOTEBOOK WITH YOU!!!

  2. Just don't watch the deleted sex scene..or do. Whatever.